That’s The Way Love Flows


I have a good friend who is trying really hard to get over a past love. He hears songs, sees signs and is reminded of her constantly. It’s painful, I know. I’m going through something similar myself. Urgently we talk and he searches for some reason for these signs. I tell him that, perhaps his ex is thinking of him or has thought of him recently (time means nothing to love energy) and he is just experiencing that energy now. This is not to appease him and give him hope of a reunion. It just means not to think about what the signs mean or act upon them; the signs are just showing up so he can feel what needs to be felt and thus continue healing. (I think that’s what’s up. This is not scientifically proven.)

Talking to him also helped me realize that just because you break up, separate, divorce, or just don’t talk anymore doesn’t mean that love stops. That love doesn’t just disappear. You can love people (and send love to them), even if you loved them romantically at one time and it doesn’t mean you are meant to be together. This kind of love usually comes after forgiveness and healing, which takes work. Also, even people who aren’t going through break-ups get signs. They happen all the time.

Sting sings that “Love is the seventh wave”, which is the most powerful wave in a succession of waves; essentially love is the most powerful force. I think love is like water too; only I think it’s more like a current in a river. The current is all around us. That’s what my friend and I are feeling–the current. Sometimes we get so caught up that it feels like we are drowning. Songs, movies, people, and messages pass us on the current and we get confused and it hurts or excites us. Sometimes we are floating along alone or holding hands with our lover (picture sea otters). Other times we wade in the shallows, barely feeling it against our ankles.

Love is the current, and the signs are always flowing, reminding us that we’ve loved, to love, and that we are loved very much.


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  1. I am sending some love to you right now. You are one of the most eloquent writers I know and you have a way of putting abstractness into perfect words. You’ve always had that gift, since I first became your friend in high school English class! You are also one of the most creative, caring and generous people I’ve had in my life. So thanks for all the times your love has flowed onto me, and even though most of these times were “back in the day,” I have sweet memories of high school because of you, and I still feel the warm goodness of your love now, because you are part of what has molded me into the I am now, by being a loving part of my journey. Hope you know how amazing I think you are!!! And also, we are gonna be home for Christmas….hope you are, too???!!! Let’s cross paths, if so!

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    1. Hey lady! Thank you for such a sweet comment and all the love!! “Is there a cat in your office?” haha! I’ll be home for Christmas and we shall meet up and catch up! Love you always and thank you so much for reading my stuff and supporting me! You have been there since the very beginning of this blog and I am so grateful to call you my friend!


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