5 Things To Like This Week


1. Supermoon. Holy cow the feels that came with this intense supermoon. It was beautiful and all, but I needed to take a serious time-out with the energy that came with that one! Whew. It taught me that when I need down-time, I need to take it.

2. Lavender Essential Oil. I keep a bottle of this at home and on my desk at work. At home I use it for baths and in my essential oil burner. At work I use it on my wrists and in my wax melter thing-a-majiggy. Lavender is known for it’s relaxing properties and it really helped this week.

3. Sleep. Dude. I need sleep and I need lots of it. When I don’t get sleep (like during a frickin’ supermoon) I’m not only cranky, but my sensitivity is turned up. This week when I didn’t get enough, I knew I needed to put everything aside and make sleep my priority. Once I got my zzzzzz’s in, I was good as new.

4. Snow! It snowed so pretty here! I really don’t care for snow, but I don’t mind it when the temp is mild and the flakes are falling gently from the sky. With the snow also came the honking of geese headed South for the winter! I just love hearing them above the clouds.

5. Soup. There’s nothing quite like a nice steaming bowl of soup when the weather changes to snow! I love a good baked potato soup and some crackers for lunch or dinner on a quiet early winter night.


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