5 Things To Like This Week

pablo-51.  Skull Candy Bluetooth Headphones. These things are rad. I’m old, so all things bluetooth fascinate me. I love that I can watch Netflix in surround sound in my bed on my phone. Like I said, I’m old.

2.  German Chocolate Cake. So, my birthday was this week and this was my one request. My Mom made the best cake for my birthday. I love coconut and I love chocolate, so it was perfect.

3.  Doing Nothing Time. I’ve had a rough couple of days. There’s just been some fear hanging around in the collective and I pick up on crap like that. I had to take the night off and just veg out and watch movies. I didn’t work on shop stuff or writing. I just watched the movie “Ghost Town” and took a nice, long Epsom salt bath. Sometimes I have to unplug and do nothing.

4.  Instagram. I am getting “this close” to chucking Facebook. I get like this because sometimes Facebook can be a little too much. I really like Instagram. Less drama and pretty pictures. Yes, please.

5.  Smarties. I love this candy. It’s pure sugar and pure deliciousness.


One thought on “5 Things To Like This Week

  1. Jamie says:

    Yes! I’m an Instagram girl, too, and having the same thoughts. I’m finally getting more “doing nothing” time in and it feel great. It was much needed. Ooh…and now I want cake and smarties! 🙂

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