5 Things To Like This Week


1.  Fall in Spearfish Canyon. I am fortunate to live in a place surrounded by natural beauty. We may not have the huge mountains of Montana, but we do have a beautiful canyon that I can drive during my lunch break or take a scenic drive through after work. But the cool thing about this canyon are the trees changing colors. Everyone has at least one tree where they live, right? Even if it’s a palm tree. It’s important to take a few minutes and enjoy nature wherever you live.

2.  Magazines. I have a problem falling asleep at night. I have to turn off all my screens at least a half hour before I go to bed. I am really bad about this. Sometimes I just can’t do it! I’m trying to trick myself into ready magazines in bed before sleep. I have a nice stack next to my bed. I should be reading a book, right? I have a few of those too, but magazines seem to be doing the trick at the moment. My favorites are Real Simple and Mother Earth Living.

3.  My Library Job. When I first started my spiritual business, I would get so annoyed when I felt the pressure to try and quit my day job at the university library where I work full-time. Listen, I don’t sell sage kits and incense because I hate my day job. I do it because it’s stuff I actually use and keep around the house. Plus, if I can show people that they can use this stuff too and where to get it, why not do that too? That way I can budget for other things for myself like trips, gifts for people I love, and an extra pumpkin spice latte here and there.

4.  Halloween! This is my favorite holiday. I was born the day after, so it’s always been a special celebration. I am looking forward to visiting my family, seeing my niece and nephews, having dinner with friends, and dressing up like a witch again this year! Bwaaa haa haa!

5.  Being Creative. I love to color in my mandala coloring book with colored pencils or even put together sage kits. I’m also finding some solice in baking lately. Sometimes my body just itches to get creative. I’ve also been researching some new jewelry making techniques. ‘Tis the season for hot tea and crafting!


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