How To Prepare For A Psychic or Medium Reading


Listen. I believe in psychic ability and the spirit world. I own a spiritual business, for goodness sake. However, around 95% of the psychics and/or mediums I’ve encountered were not helpful and some were even downright unprofessional. The other 5% didn’t charge me a dime for the spot-on information they delivered. This is not a blog entry questioning psychic and medium abilities or whether you should pay for a reading. It is also not my intent to scare anyone from “coming out” of the intuitive closet or to stop anyone from conducting a spiritual business. However, if you are interested in paying anyone who’s made a business out of their intuitive abilities, I’ve got a few pointers on how to prepare yourself for a quality reading.

Always use your intuition first, just keep these tips in mind.

  1. Get Centered. Don’t walk into a reading frazzled and really emotional. Meditate or try and get to a calm place. Find your center. Be open to the experience and connecting with your reader. Don’t go in trying to disprove or believe everything the reader is telling you. Develop some questions, intentions or a specific focus beforehand. You will get much clearer and better information this way. Being centered helps both you and your reader.
  2. Do not display tattoos, jewelry, and brand specific or symbolic clothing. Cover your tattoos. Don’t wear jewelry and wear plain clothing. “Cold Reading” is when a practitioner uses clues such as body language, what you are wearing, jewelry, and body art (even your speech inflection) to gain insight into your life. Empaths do this too, but that’s still NOT psychic information, it is reasonable deduction, and it’s easier to do than you think (intentional or not). This is one of the main reasons why I primarily give distance Tarot readings. It is just too dang easy to cold read someone unintentionally, especially if you are an empath or HSP like I am.
  3. Keep your social media on lock-down. In this day and age it is far too easy for ANYONE to look you up online-psychic or not. Consider making your friends list private, your public pictures selective,and your relationship status invisible. Your online presence tells a very vivid story-one that can be related back to you as “psychic” information (intentional or not). Read my blog entry “Do I Look At Your Facebook Page Before A Tarot Reading?” for more information.
  4. Psychics and mediums should NOT approach you first–NO MATTER WHAT. There are ethics involved in medium and psychic readings. One of the first rules of “psychic club” is: never read someone without their permission. This includes approaching someone to inform them of latent intuitive gifts or if a deceased grandfather wants a library book returned.
  5. Check out their online presence. Has any part of their website been plagiarized? Plagiarism is basically theft of someone else’s ideas, experiences and hard work. How can you tell if someone is plagiarizing? Easy. Copy and paste something from their website into Google. If it is “common knowledge” like “What is a medium?”, or even a disclaimer, you may find similar verbiage on other sites online. If you find personal testimonials or specific examples from readings that are copied from another person’s website? That’s plagiarism (Irregardless of a copyright date. Updating copyright on most website platforms takes a few key strokes). Plagiarism is lying and a form of deception.  It has no place in a legit practitioner’s online content.
  6. Are their rates reasonable? Check around online and in your area to make sure the services they offer are both affordable and reasonable. You would do the same for a hair cut or cleaning service, right? Take the same care when picking someone in the intuitive arts.
  7. Do they use subtle SCARE TACTICS? If a psychic or medium is telling you that you are cursed and you must pay them to remove it, RUN. Some also use fear to get you to pay more or return for more services. Anytime a practitioner uses fear, whether it’s, “I now know your deepest secret“, “You’ll find out when you do what I do“, “I see dark energy around you“, “[insert deceased relative’s name here] is telling me they’ll only reveal this much at this time” or my personal favorite, “He/she will fall in love with you if you do this/pay me this amount/purchase this additional spell“, don’t stick around. Practitioners should help you, not freak you out or encourage dependence.

Trust is the key to any good relationship, right? So, why should you expect anything less from the person you are paying to communicate with the spirit world or intuitively for you? As always, remember, although it may seem difficult, YOU can communicate with your passed over loved ones, read Tarot and oracle cards, or use any other spiritual tool, as well as develop your own intuitive/psychic gifts (clairs) exactly the same way as the reader you are paying.

You just have to trust and invest in yourself instead.


PS: Go to your local library (I work at one) and get some books. Librarians are great at finding information online too. Visit your local metaphysical shop or mine online at “MysticTeaTrinkets” for tools! Please feel free to email me with any questions and I will do my best to help!

2 thoughts on “How To Prepare For A Psychic or Medium Reading

    • Nikole says:

      Thanks for commenting Sara! I feel pretty strongly about this not only because I own a spiritual business, but because I’ve been ripped off in the past. I sometimes have to remind myself that everyone learns their lessons at different times, but I still get the urge to write about mine from time to time. Thanks again for reading!


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