5 Things I’m Looking For


These are the 5 things I’m looking for in my person.

  1. Kindness: You can be in a bad mood or angry about the state of the world, but in your heart, you must be kind. Your hardships must not have won you. You can be firm, strong and a little jaded, but you mustn’t have misplaced your kindness. Of all the personality traits, kindness is my favorite. That’s why it’s number one.
  2. Patience: I am very busy. I already have the life that I love. I am interested in yours though. I am interested in how our lives fit together. I am moody, complex, and silly, but not boring. I like stillness and quiet. I’ve made a hobby of sleeping late with messy hair under cool, down-filled duvets; yet I can savor strong, black coffee in the early morning light. Be still and listen. I’ve waited patiently . . . for you.
  3. Intelligence: Intelligence, to me, is not measured by books read or degrees on the wall. There is virtue in understanding people. Show me you know how to treat your fellow man (or woman) with grace and respect no matter their religion, skin color, or creed and I will open my head and heart to you. Intelligence is sexy, but empathy is sexier, smarty pants.
  4. Humor: I don’t just laugh–I throw my head back and I cackle. Let’s do that. A lot. Together.
  5. Handsome: Kind eyes are important. Fine lines show me you know how to laugh. Scars are okay. They just mean you’ve lived, you’ve lost, and you’ve loved. Please know that I value self-care and this will show. When I know, I’ll know.


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