5 Things To Like This Week


1. The Republic of Tea Double Green Match Tea. I love matcha tea! It puts me in such a good mood! This tea is perfect and you don’t need a frother whisk. They pack the perfect amount of green tea + matcha into the tea bags. It’s the perfect afternoon tea!

2. Meditation Kit. So, I will be the first to tell you that you don’t NEED anything to meditate. Just find yourself a quiet place and that’s it. However, I put together a MEDITATION KIT with some of the stuff I really use when I meditate. For starters, if you like to meditate outside, it’s nice to have a pretty, soft place to sit like this beautiful, cotton, round mandala tapestry. I use the timer on my phone when I want to get my full 20 minutes in, but I’ve included a timer with this kit. (Hey, you could even use it in the kitchen.) When I meditate inside I like to burn some sweet Nag Champa incense, so I include that in the kit too. As a bonus, whenever I am meditating before divination (a.k.a Tarot Readings), I always use my trusty amethyst crystal for my third eye chakra, so I included one of those in the kit as well. Check it out HERE.

3. Pear Tart. I made a pear tart from scratch this weekend. The pears were fresh from the tree too. I made a nice, crumbly, sugar crust and a cinnamon and thinly sliced pear filling. It was vegan too. The butter I used was Earth Balance which is soy free and vegan.

4. Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate with a Touch of Sea Salt. I swear Lindt makes the best chocolate. I love dark chocolate because it’s vegetarian and the sea salt is perfectly grounding. Yum!

5. Y-O-U. I am grateful for every.single.one.of.you who reads this blog, purchases from my Etsy shop, “likes” something on the FB page(s), or receives a FREE tarot reading (those are coming up this week!). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


2 thoughts on “5 Things To Like This Week

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  1. What a fun way to end my first snowy-ish day of fall. Thanks for writing this blog. You’re so talented, and I’m glad you’re still exploring and writing about it.

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