Distance Tarot Readings: How Do They Work?

pablo (29)

Have you ever scratched your head and been like, “Ya right. How does that distance Tarot reading thing even work?” Well, no one really knows exactly how Tarot “works”, but I can explain my process.

The cool thing about distance readings is there isn’t an in-office appointment. It’s really convenient! All I ask is that the client focus on their question or concern on or before the Tarot reading. They can meditate, take a bath, go for a walk, work on their car, garden or work out. I schedule an actual time for the reading (e.g., Thursday at 8pm) mostly so I remember, but also so my client has an idea of when to do their meditation. I also believe this helps us both get on the same wavelength intuitively.

First, I spend a couple minutes preparing my sacred space:

  • I light two white prayer candles and open the reading by asking for only the highest good for myself and the client during the Tarot reading.
  • I invoke Archangel Michael for protection.
  • I strike a match and light my tea light candle. From the flame of the tea light I light the end of the white sage bundle and begin cleansing myself and the area with the smoke. The sage smoke cleanses the area and my person of any negative energy.
  • After I burn sage, I light the end of a Palo Santo stick and let it smolder and smoke. The Palo Santo natural incense invites a high vibrational energy into the area.
  • At this time, I invite the client’s spirit guides, angels, or passed over loved ones to attend the reading.

Once I finish my sacred space ritual and meditation (with amethyst and clear quartz crystals), I am in the Tarot reading zone! I shuffle the cards just like shuffling a deck of regular playing cards. I cut the deck in a unique way so that one card pops out on top. That is the card I pull for each position in the Tarot spread.

Then, I flip the cards over and study them while I receive intuitive “hits” clairaudently and clairvoyantly. For example, I once did a reading for a pregnant client and the final card was the “Ten of Cups”. The traditional interpretation of this card represents unconditional love, surrounded by a loving husband and children. However, there was also a butterfly “crowning” the top of the card representing the pregnancy. There was a lot of blue in the card and suddenly I felt an overwhelming urge to blurt out “paint the nursery blue for a little prince”—and a couple months later she had a baby boy! In a completely different reading for a completely different person, “The Empress” card came up in the spread. This card traditional represents fertility and pregnancy. However, I did not feel the card was indicating pregnancy at all. In fact, my intuitive focus on this card emphasized the woman’s hospitality and ability to make people feel comfortable in her home and/or business.

After reading all the cards, I light some sweet nag champa incense, brew a cup of tea, photograph the Tarot cards and then type the reading. I send the client the file via Facebook messenger or e-mail. I end the Tarot reading by thanking any guide, spirit, or loved one that visited, extinguishing anything that is still on fire (important), and secure and clear my own energy with a short, grounding gratitude meditation.


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