5 Things To Like This Week


1. Pears. I have an ailing pear tree in my front yard. Last year it didn’t produce any fruit, but this year there was a little harvest. So I picked some and am going to make a pear crisp this weekend! Yum!

2. Distance Healing and Chakra Balancing for my cats! My friend Jamie at SerendipityMoonHealing is a very talented reiki healer. I asked her if she would do a distance healing on my two cats, Bella and Stella. She did such an amazing job and I saw a difference in the girls soon after the session. She balanced their little cat chakras and did some healing work. Stella is playing and jumping all around now! Bella is nicer and she even naps close to me now, which is a huge improvement! Just like I need healing energy, so do my pets. Jamie was so great and you can tell that she really has a talent and a love for animals!

3. Questions. I’ve been getting some really cool questions lately about how to read Tarot, how to cleanse a space, crystals and even one about curses! I enjoy meeting new people and helping when I can. I appreciate these questions and I can help-whether it is through sharing resources, personal experience, or referring them to someone else. You can contact me too on FB messenger or nikoledidier@gmail.com-FREE of charge! I learn something, you learn something. It’s all about that energy exchange right now!

4. Epsom salt baths. Even though it is four million degrees outside right now, I do enjoy a good epsom salt bath. It is really relaxing after a long day. I just have to remember to drink extra water. My favorite tools to use during bath time are: about 1-2 cups of epsom salt, lavender scented candles, “Believe” essential oil, essential oil burner, and crystals!

5. Treat YoSelf! Okay, so self-care rituals like taking a bath and meditation are really not “treats”. They are ways that we take a little time to take care of ourselves. Now treats–treats are the fun part! I ordered myself a really cool meditation cushion and a new book “Things I’d Like To Do With You” by Waylon Lewis (founder of Elephant Journal) just for me! Even if it is just treating yourself to your favorite meal or a pedicure, “treats” are essential to living a life of gratitude and inviting abundance into your life!


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