8 Signs That Spirit is Communicating With You


“…miracles are everyday things… Every time something hard becomes easier; every time you adjust to a situation which, last week, you didn’t know existed; every time a kindness falls as softly as the dew; or someone you love who was ill grows better; every time a blessing comes, not with trumpet and fanfare, but silently as night, you have witnessed a miracle.” ― Faith Baldwin

“Spirit” can mean many things such as a passed over loved one, angels, and ancestors. You’ll know who it is by how you feel about the sign you see.

Feathers: Whenever feathers appear, spirit is reassuring and encouraging you on the your path. Feathers are the angels favorite sign to leave behind for us to find. They’re just there to get our attention. Different colored feathers have different meanings too. For me, feathers are a gentle reminder that spirit is near making me smile thinking, “When feathers are near, angels appear!”

Butterflies: Butterflies are a symbol of transformation, whether it is the transformation of birth or death. Whenever a butterfly comes up in a Tarot reading, the symbolism represents birth, children and transformation. Butterflies can also represent passed over loved ones and pets. For example, I always see butterflies fluttering around the lilac bushes in front of my house. This was my cat, Sophia’s, favorite place to go when she was outside. Seeing those butterflies always gives me comfort and is a reminder of the love I had for my special pet.

Birds: I often hear friends talk about seeing birds after the death of a loved one. One of my friends would see a red cardinal every morning after her husband passed away. I embroidered a pillow with a bright red cardinal on it, not knowing the significance of the bird, and when I gave it to her, she cried out and told me about the bird. This was a definite sign from spirit! See, we are all helping! I often see “spirit” birds show up in gifts at unexpected times. Like feathers, the type, color and even the behavior of a bird all mean different things.

Coins: Do pennies keep popping up in your path? There’s a reason why they say, “Pennies from heaven”! Finding coins on your path is a very good sign that spirit is near-specifically passed over loved ones. Someone is trying to get your attention! Pennies are the spirit world’s way of saying, “Hi there!”. Pennies and dimes usually show up during times when you need that extra reassurance that your loved ones are around and things are going to be okay.

Numbers: Number sequences such as 111, 555, and 222 all represent different messages given to us by spirit. The numbers often show up in ascending succession 1234 as a reminder to live in the moment. Sometimes these numbers are significant to specific dates or favorite numbers of our relatives who are no longer with us on this plane.

Dreams: Dreams are very important and actually the most common way our loved ones communicate with us. When you are sleeping, the conscious mind is at rest, and you are relaxed and quiet making it easier for spirit to get our attention. (This is the same reason why meditation helps develop our intuitive gifts.) Nightmares or dreams that make us feel bad are not spirit dreams. These dreams are just based on our fears surfacing in the unconscious. Just remember how the dream made you feel. A true spirit visitation dream will leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

Music: Now, I’m not talking about hearing literal messages in songs here, or even having a song remind you of a loved one. What I am talking about is the feeling you get when you hear a certain song or progression of songs, not necessarily what you know. You always want to go with the feeling you get first–that’s your intuition talking.

Specific Signs, Thoughts, Smells or Sensing: One of my friends always sees daisies that remind her of a good friend who passed away. Although daisies have their own spiritual meaning, they have a very specific meaning to my friend and her relationship with her friend. Sometimes thoughts will just randomly pop into your head. For example, you may see a black cat and suddenly think of your grandmother who loved Halloween. Or you smell cigar smoke and think of your favorite Uncle. Often you can just feel your loved one near. Next time you feel them there, maybe try striking up a conversation and really listening for a subtle reply!

Aren’t we lucky to have so many signs from the spiritual plane to guide and remind us? Your loved ones, angels and spirit guides want to help you on your journey. They don’t want to scare you. This is why they use subtle signs to reassure you and remind you that they are always with you. I always talk about how we are energetic beings. Energy never ends. Thus, loved ones, ancestors, and even passed over pets still visit us and their signs are everywhere if you know where to look!


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