5 Things To Like This Week


1. Live Country Music. I’ve been to plenty of live shows, but I’ve never been to a live country show until this week. I went to see Old Dominion with opening act Chancey Williams and the Young Brothers Band. It was awesome! My favorite part was the crowd because everyone was so cool. This girl even gave me her extra beer! What?! The venue was outside and about 90 degrees, so this unexpected gift was just rad. I was so impressed by Chancey Williams. The thing I love most about good live shows is getting to see the people sharing what they love. Music is all about the heart and I got to see a ton of it in that opening band. I actually liked them better than the headliner!

2. My Favorite Waterfall! On Saturday I got to share something really special with my mom, my two nephews, my niece and my sister-in-law: Spearfish Falls! It’s the coolest place in South Dakota! It’s majestic and it’s nature! You can’t beat that. Check out my Instagram for some pictures of this bad mammojamma.

3. “From Elizabeth” Etsy Shop. I love supporting small businesses! This Etsy shop is just staring out and Elizabeth offers quality spiritually inspired jewelry. I recently purchased the “Clear Quartz Four Elements” necklace from her shop (see image above and HERE). Check out my review: “This was one of my favorite purchases to date. The necklace is beautiful and I wear it often. It arrived with the coolest hand-written description and the packaging was adorable. The quartz and beads are top quality as is the chain and clasp. This is exactly what I am looking for when I purchase QUALITY handmade jewelry! I look forward to ordering again!

4. Amazon Prime + Amazon Prime Music. Seriously, if you don’t have Amazon Prime, you are really, really missing out! I just ordered a mermaid swimsuit (with a TAIL!) for my niece’s birthday while listening to their awesome music streaming service! If you do any online shopping, the amount you save on shipping alone is worth it. You can even grocery shop and then donate to your favorite cause using the amazon smile website at check-out. Just bookmark smile.amazon.com instead of the regular amazon.com to make your purchases and .5% goes toward your favorite charity (mine’s Hobo’s Healing Heart). It’s so easy! What?! This is totally something to like this week!

5. Sandwiches. I love them. I eat them. They jump into my mouth. I am particularly fond of Jimmy Johns vegetarian with avocado spread and provolone. Don’t forget the pickle-cut four ways, of course!


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