5 Things To Like This Week

pablo (1)

1. Cinnamon Jelly Belly Jelly Beans.  I love cinnamon bears but they get stuck in my teeth, yo!  I found these sweet and spicy little gems and they are little less gummy.  I keep them in my desk drawer for an afternoon treat.

2. Jeffree Star makeup and makeup tutorials.  I’ve been really into makeup tutorials lately and Jeffree Star is a pro.  I actually would have no idea who he was if it wasn’t for his feud with Kat VonDee that was trending this week.  Anyway, he has a really cool line of eye-shadow out on the market right now and I love his makeup tutorials on youtube. It’s like watching an artist paint a masterpiece! I don’t wear that much, but it is cool picking up some tips from the pros.  This time I learned all about how to update my bottom lashes and waterline–worth the watch!

3. Davines OI All in One Milk.  I got a nice sample size of this stuff in my Birchbox a couple of months ago and it is fabulous.  I have naturally curly hair that I let air dry most days.  I use a liquid gel from John Frieda and then I spray 3 sprays of this in my palm, rub together and distribute in my wet hair.  It gives my curls a ton of body, thickness, and moisture.  It has a nice citrus smell too.

4. Elephant Journal Writers. I wish I could write something like THIS.  Maybe someday?

5. 6-Month Forecast Tarot Reading.  I pull 6 cards, each one representing a month starting with the end of July.  Each card will describe the prominent events of the month it represents.  I do this reading for myself twice a year and I thought now was a good time to offer it to others!  It’s only $20 for a fun reading!


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