How To Create A Sacred Space

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My sacred space is set up in a small corner of my living room. It includes a round table filled with candles, crystals, sage, palo santo and incense. I also have a small bean bag chair next to it for meditation time. I primarily use this space for tarot reading prep and meditation time inside. A sacred space is a very personal place and, based on the individual, used for different “rituals” or activities. Here are some of the items that make up my sacred space and their significance:

Two, tall white unscented pillar candles–  I get these candles at the dollar store.  I like them because they are unscented and burn for a long time. Spiritually, a white candle is very versatile and aids the higher consciousness. It represents healing, purification, ritual, and even evoking lunar energy.  I have two on each end of the table to for balance.  I usually light them first and blow them out last.  There is just something comforting about soft, white candlelight.

Clear quartz, amethyst, and rose quartz crystals– I keep a handful of these crystals on the table for their energy properties.  Clear quartz is a wonderful filter for healing energy.  I like to think of clear quartz as one of my base crystals that amplifies the energy of other stones.  Amethyst is my go-to intuition stone and I like keeping a nice raw piece near my meditation and Tarot station for intuitive work.  My favorite stone is rose quartz which opens the heart chakra and lifts my vibration and that of the space.

White sage– Sage is a purifying herb. It removes negativity and stagnant energy in the space. I burn sage to clear the energy of my space before Tarot readings and during meditation.  It’s important to burn sage with the intention of clearing the energy of the space. I light the non-stem end of the sage bundle with the flame from a tea light candle, let the dried herbs burn down to a smoke and then walk the perimeter of the space letting the smoke do the rest.  I also cleanse myself starting at my feet and working to my crown chakra. If I am doing a Tarot reading, I like to take some extra time cleansing and clearing my throat chakra.

Palo Santo holy wood– Palo Santo is a natural incense that is key for raising the vibration of a space and inviting in higher energy.  I burn Palo Santo alongside or after I clear the energy of the room with sage.  It is one of the best energy lifting tools I’ve found.  My energy healer uses it during our sessions and I also use it at bath time.

Nag Champa Incense– This is by far my favorite scent of incense.  It is important to purchase quality incense for your sacred space.  When choosing quality incense, first check the fragrance, then check the quality of the stick, cone, or resin. You want to make sure the product is uniform and does not crumble or break.  Quality incense burns for about 30-45 minutes.  I wrote a whole entry about incense HERE.

Unscented tea light candles + matches– These are just some good general tools to have on hand for lighting incense, sage bundle, palo santo, candles and more.  I like to use plain, white, unscented tea lights and matches.  For one thing, they are inexpensive, plus there is just something about striking a match and lighting a candle that just feels right and gets me in the right frame of mind.

Wooden trinket box– This wooden box was a gift and it has beautiful scroll work carved in the top with a brass clasp closure.  The inside of the lid is a mirror.  I love this box and I keep my Tarot cards and even crystals inside when I am not using them.  I think it just completes the sacred space nicely.

Tarot cards– I use Tarot cards for divination and guidance.  Some people use oracle cards or angel cards. My sacred space is primarily used for prepping for Tarot readings. I use the Tarot deck: The Zerner-Farber / Enchanted Tarot | © Amy Zerner & Monte Farber | The Enchanted World. It is a beautiful deck and I am constantly learning new things using it.

Comfortable meditation chair– I like to meditate outside whenever possible, but when the weather is crummy, this is my go-to spot in the house.  I was given this wonderful bean-bag chair and it works perfect for meditation time.  My cats like to meditate in it too!

Wooden Tiki gifted to me from a good friend– I think my friend found this in Hawaii and gave it to me. I like it and it signifies healing and strength so I think it is fitting to have it on the table.

Unique cloth table cover– The table cloth on the table is actually a scarf that was given to me by a friend.  I have always had an affinity for anything ancient Egyptian, so I think it’s perfect for the place where I do my spiritual work.

Please remember there is no right or wrong way to set up a sacred space. It is up to you what you would like to bring into your space and how you will use it in your spiritual practice. Choose items that resonate with you, lift your spirits, and that make this your special place.


If you want to add to your sacred space, I sell the items I use at my Etsy shop MysticTeaTrinkets.

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