5 Things To Like This Week


  1.  Makeup tutorial by a drag queen during pride week! I love stumbling onto this kind of stuff! I was mesmerized and watched the whole tutorial!  Holly Dae did a wonderful job explaining contour “baking” and I picked up a tip on how to do eyeliner:  start from the middle ladies!  You can follow her Instagram here:  Holly Dae
  1.  Chocolate cake in a mug. I found this recipe on Pinterest here: Easy Chocolate Mug Cake. It was totally easy and so yummy and I’m on a diet!  It was perfect with a nice cup of peppermint tea.  I love that it’s made in a mug too because it’s totally portable and perfect for reading time!
  1. Dried Mango. I love dried fruits. I especially like dried mango.  It is portable and kind like nature’s candy.  Which means a little goes a long way!
  1. Night Walks. I am fortunate that I live in a very small town and feel pretty safe walking at night. My favorite thing to do is take a long walk.  I usually encounter deer and they let me get pretty close without freaking out!  Last night I laid on the grass near Spearfish creek and got a full blast of stars!  I am finding night walks to be relaxing and cathartic.  Plus when I walk at night no one minds (or can see me) dancing and hugging trees!  People would think I’m shrooming or nutz!  Hee hee!
  1. Charging Banks. My cell phone is nearing the end of its life. I know!  It doesn’t hold a charge all day anymore and I am due for a new one on my contract.  But until then I invested in a $5 charging bank from Target and it is worth every penny.  I can now go on road trips and keep a full charge!  Lol  Interstate daydreams here I come!


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