5 Things To Like This Week

pablo (9)

1. Salon Acrylic French Nails by Kiss. These babies are only $7.99 and they look like you had them done at the nail salon for $50! I’m all about affordable and easy! I’ve had people compliment me on my nails and that’s how I know they are great! I like the “real short” option so that I can still type and do other stuff. They last about two weeks.

2. Sun tea in a pickle jar! Eat all the pickles and then use the big jar to make sun tea! I throw in some big tea bags and a flavored one for that extra kick.

3. Moon tea in a mason jar! Moon tea is made the exact same way as sun tea only you leave it out overnight. Instead of a lid, I use plastic wrap on the top so the moon glow can do it’s thing. I’m thinking about offering a special moon tea blend in the Etsy shop!

4.  Pineapple Juice. Lately I’ve been buying Dole pineapple juice and adding it to everything like water, smoothies and even sun tea! It is the perfect natural sweetener.

5. Full strawberry moon + summer solstice on the same day! Yes! So cool. I put all my crystals out under the moonlight and made a mason jar full of moon tea. Plus, I just received 3lbs of black tourmaline from Brazil and let them soak up two full nights under this powerful moon. I also walked down to the creek by my house and ran them through some good, crisp natural creek water. They are fully charged, cleansed and ready for some new gridding kits coming soon to the Etsy shop!


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  1. Ooh…I really need to try making some moon tea! Sounds like you had a lot of lovely moon & solstice energy going on this week. Wonderful! Looking forward to checking out your new offerings in the shop. 🙂


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