Clear Your Energy And Your Home


When you think about the spirit world, it is really important to think about energy. We are all made of energy, both on the human and the spiritual plane. People, objects, and places all have distinct energy signatures. Because I am clairaudent and clairsentient, I hear and sense the energy of the spirit world. Trust me, when you have no idea about this stuff and you start hearing random words and phrases in your head that have nothing to do with anything in your life, you do think you’re nuts. Or when you have what feels like a panic attack and you are watching “The New Girl” in the comfort of your living room and panic is the last thing on your mind—you do believe you’re going crazy. Things get even sillier when you live alone in a 75-year-old rental house that’s had tons of tenants and tenant energy.

This energy could also be mine. It could be past trauma or my spirit guides, passed over relatives, or angels hanging around. The energy from high vibrational entities such as spirit guides, angels and crossed over loved ones feels light, like unconditional love, heart flutters, joy and excitement. Low vibrational energy feels heavier and like fear, panic, and anxiety.

I could’ve taken the easy route and just moved to a different house or ignored my gifts, but instead I saw it as an opportunity to grow spiritually. This was my house and my energy and it wasn’t going to keep me from living life. So, like anything else I am passionate about, from ancient Egypt to crystals, I dove head-first into researching everything I could about how to grid, clear, cleanse and set clear boundaries with the spirit world.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  1. I grid my house with crystalsblack tourmaline is very effective because it turns negative energy into positive. Onyx is also a very good protection crystal. To grid, you simply place the crystals in the four corners of your house. You can also grid each room in your house the same way. Keep high vibrational crystals such as clear quartz or rose quartz near the entrance to your home to invite light and unconditional love into your space.
  2. Burning Palo Santo holy wood helps invite higher energy into your space, while burning sage encourages negative energy to leave and positive energy to enter. Open windows and doors to let fresh air and energy into your space. Whenever I clean, read tarot, or meditate, I am burning something. Sage, Nag Champa, and Palo Santo holy wood incense works very well.
  3. Run a line of sea salt along the perimeter of your house (bonus points if you do this on the night of the full moon). Sea salt is an inexpensive tool. Hint: I get mine at the dollar store. Soaking in an Epsom salt bath is a wonderful way to purge negative vibes. I also keep a bowl of salt water under my bed. I find sleeping over salt water to be very restorative and helps keep negative energy at bay.
  4. Invest in some good iron pieces. I recently purchased a new 10-inch high iron cross that I keep in the house. You want to stay away from antique pieces if you can. They can carry the energy of their past owners. For example, the cross I purchased was new and felt light, even for iron. Try to get a “feel” for the iron pieces before you buy. You can also just keep smaller pieces of iron around the house too. Place them near entrances. They don’t have to be out on display. Burying is just as effective. Think of things like wrenches, cast iron pans, railings, fences, fireplace tools, keys and grates, etc.
  5. Set boundaries. This is, by far, the most important and effective step in clearing, protecting, and encouraging light into your space. All spirits, dark, light, fairies, earthbounds, even your passed-over grandma must listen to you when you set spiritual boundaries. You can’t be wishy-washy about it either. You have to tell them to leave, or set “business hours”. Use your most assertive voice and tell them what you want. Sometimes I get very impatient and use not-so-ladylike-words if I sense something has just shown up in my energy field or home. Maybe it’s the Wyoming girl in me, but I literally yell at them to get the hell out. Do you want them to leave and never come back? Speak up. So you don’t mind if they visit on the last Friday evening of the month? Tell them. Are you sick of them moving your stuff, flickering lights, and hanging out? Let them know verbally. You get the idea. If you want to tell them that they’ve died and it’s time to cross over, feel free to fill them in. Sometimes spirits don’t have a clue—just like some humans on this plane. Most importantly, don’t be afraid, just be assertive and kind, or say not-so-ladylike words-whatever works best for you.

Even after learning how to grid with crystals, cleanse, salt, get iron, and set boundaries, the most important lesson I’ve learned in dealing with the spirit world is how to trust myself, my mind and my intuition. I now embrace my sensitivity instead of ignoring it or being afraid.

I own that sh*t and the strength that comes with it . . . and so can you.


PS:  You can purchase many of the metaphysical tools I wrote about in this entry online at my Etsy shop MysticTeaTarot.

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