5 Things To Like This Week

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1. Unlikely Animal Friends on Netflix. Um. Okay. This is the cutest show ever! One of the episodes featured this little autistic boy who loves his pet chickens! He was so sweet carrying them around and playing with them. The family had to fight the city because chickens weren’t allowed but they got the ordinance changed. They had a family dog that could’ve been his service animal, but the little guy really didn’t want anything to do with him; he wanted his chickens! So sweet and such a relaxing show to watch!

2. My Herb Garden and Patio. Last year I snagged three free pallets from work and then I just bought some plywood, screwed it to the pallets and then painted it to make a little patio outside my front door. This year I painted the pallet that acts as a barrier from the GIANT vine that winds its way up the side of the house. It is pretty but naughty too. I decided to do all container herbs this year. I have dill, basil, catnip, lemon balm, chamomile, rosemary, lavender and sage. I love to sit out there with a nice glass of iced tea and last night I used some of my dill on my salad! My mom treated me to these plants so I have her to thank for my herb garden this year!

3. Bozeman Montana. I lived in Bozeman for over a decade and I miss the people and the beautiful mountains. I totally fell in love with those mountains almost 15 years ago. I am looking forward to hanging out and seeing good peeps. I haven’t been to Montana in over a year, so it is time to take a little road trip and I LOVE road trips! Montana, here I come!

4. Mercury Retrograde is O-V-E-R! Thus, the travel plans (it’s best to wait until after MR to take a trip) . . . also the energy has picked up and I’m not so sluggish anymore. I really felt it on Saturday when I did all my yard work and planting. We made it through the shift! The next one in 2016 is 08/30 – 09/22 so mark your calendars. Don’t forget about the shadow period 7 days before and 7 days after the shift too (08/24 – 09/29)!

5. Summer Sale. I’m having a 30% off sale on the Etsy store MysticTeaTrinkets to celebrate summer! Just enter code SUMMER at checkout! I’ve added new products such as Palo Santo holy wood, tons of jewelry, sage kits, crystals and the sale includes Tarot readings too!  These are all tools that I use in my daily life that I want to share with you!


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  1. I always find inspiration in these weekly posts! Your patio space is lovely and looks like a wonderful spot to enjoy some tea. I’ll definitely check out that Netflix series and now I really want to plant herbs! Hope you’re having a wonderful time on your road trip. 🙂


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