5 Traits Of A Good Alternative Healer


In the alternative healing community there are many different healers and personalities.  For the most part, those practicing the alternative healing arts cannot accept health insurance.  Thus it is very important to find quality care.  Here are 5 traits of good alternative healers to help you make the best investment and find the perfect fit:

  1. Their main focus is on Y-O-U.  This is your time, not theirs to vent about past lovers, how they feel about pharmaceuticals or their business plan.  This doesn’t mean you can’t chit-chat; just make sure that the amount of their personal stuff balances with yours.  If anything, the conversation scale should tip in your favor.
  2. They perform a service and charge accordingly.  This service can be energy work (reiki), shamanic healing, acupuncture, intuitive readings, massage, even a card reading.  It doesn’t matter if you meet in an office, your house, their house,  in a park, or even a coffee shop–the most important thing is that you can take something away from the experience.  It’s ultimately up to you to do the after-care work, but you are paying for their gifts, talent and knowledge at the time of the service.  Comparison shop by searching prices online for similar services or research other local practitioners to make sure you are getting a fair price.
  3. They match your vibe.  I’ve experienced healers that were fiery and passionate and others who were calm and quiet.  It is important that you find the vibe that is right for you.  If you don’t vibe well together, the practitioner should be open to referring you to someone who’s a better fit.
  4. They are humble.  This is where you get to practice using your gift of intuition!  You want a healer who is confident and knows what they are doing.  Steer clear of those who focus on how powerful they are, dwell on how others hurt them (this is called connecting through trauma or the pain body), or are fixated on manifesting abundance a.k.a. making money–a little abundance talk goes a long way.
  5. They take their time and are open to any questions you may haveespecially questions about how they do what they do.  From these questions, they should also encourage you to do your own research-that’s the fun part!   It is also important that they aren’t rushing to get to their next client.

Alternative healing should be fun, powerful, effective and affordable.  We are truly lucky to have such wonderful people out there sharing their gifts with us.


(These tips are good for finding regular medical caregivers too.)

Here are some great articles for reference:

Legal Issues for Reiki Practitioners

Intuitve Readings Code of Ethics (example)

Acupuncturist Legal Responsibilities


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