Black Tourmaline: The Alchemy Crystal

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Oh tourmaline!  How I love thee!  This is one of my favorite crystals.  I literally surround myself in it.  Black tourmaline is a shale-like, shiny stone.  Like onyx, it is associated with the root chakra for its grounding energy.  It is different than other black protection stones, such as onyx or obsidian, because of its alchemic ability to absorb negativity and transforms it into positive energy.  This little stone packs some crazy-awesome magic!  It is particularly useful for psychic attack, grounding, meditation, and protection against the radiation caused by electronics.

How do I use black tourmaline?  One word:  Gridding.  To grid your space, simply place a charged crystal in each corner of the room where you want extra protection.  Gridding does a nice job of raising the vibration of your space.  Gridding with black tourmaline is literally gridding with magic because it keeps negativity at bay, protects against energy vampires, and lower vibrational energy.  Plus, it turns the bad stuff into the good stuff!  I use this crystal everywhere.  It’s in my office, in my car, my purse and in the four corners of my home.  Black tourmaline also gets rid of electromagnetic energy, so set a nice piece near your computer screen, TV or your charging station.

Black tourmaline is a very resilient stone.  It doesn’t need as much cleansing as say, a nice quartz piece.  To cleanse your tourmaline pieces, you can soak them in salt water, set them out under a full moon, wash them in a natural running stream of water, or pass them through sage smoke.   Don’t freak out if you don’t charge your crystals every month.  Sometimes life happens.  There is no right or wrong way.  Charge your crystals when it feels right to you.

I love working with black tourmaline because it is like an energetic security blanket.  It’s one of those stones that I really can’t have enough of.  Even a small piece goes a very long way.  This stone has literally transformed my energetic life.  Couldn’t we all use a couple little magic stones in our lives?


Please Note:  Crystals are not a medical treatment and should not be used as a replacement for medical care. Please consult your healthcare specialist for your particular needs.

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