5 Things To Like This Week

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1.  The Jungle Book.  I went to the movies with my Mom and my niece and nephew this weekend.  This movie was so fun!  The special effects were rad and I was reminded why I liked the book in the first place:  the importance of the delicate balance between nature and humans.  That Kipling knew what he was writing about.

2.  The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2.  This show cracks me up!  Plus, this season features Tina Fey as a functional alcoholic psychiatrist.  This is some great, feel good Netflix!

3.  Nag Champa Oil and Lotion.  I love the incense and I love the flower.  This is my favorite smell ever.  This distinct scent is earthy, grounding, and reminds me of my favorite record store.  I order my oil from a great Etsy shop called Naturals By Nana.  She has over 400 different scents.  We have a really cute shop in town that carries the Earthly Body line of Nag Champa lotion but you can order it online too.  It is potent, so a little goes a long way!  Get ready!  When you wear nag champa, people will compliment you on your smells!

4.  Peppermint Ginseng Tea from the Republic of Tea.  I have a work-study student who loves tea just as much as I do.  Whenever he works the evening shift he treats me to a new tea he is drinking.  I love this!  This time it was the coolest combo of peppermint and ginseng and a hint of licorice.  I love pretty much any mint tea and this one was definitely a winner and a new addition to my stash!

5.  Sage.  Check it out and send those negative vibes packing!  Burn it and feel your energy lighten.  I love the smell of sage.  It reminds me of ritual, of meditation, of calm, and of tarot readings.  It has such an earthy vibe because it comes from the ground, but heavenly too because of the smoke when it is burned.  You can order sage bundles from my Etsy store and experience it for yourself!  The sage bundle comes with a tea light and matches so you can start cleansing your space right out of the package!



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