How I Discovered My Clairaudience

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I have a long standing love affair with the band U2.  They’re my first musical love, and as we all know, you never forget your first love.

When I first heard U2, I got a taste of that live band sound. It was the first time I recognized all the instruments. I remember distinguishing Adam Clayton’s bass line on “With or Without You” and later (when I dug up the “War” album) Larry Mullens’s military drum solo on “Sunday Bloody Sunday“.  Every time I hear Bono say “Come on Edge, play the blues!” in the song “Silver and Gold” I get goosebumps as the Edge wails away. I also remember falling head over heels for Bono when I got my hands on a VHS copy of the “Rattle and Hum” tour.  That dark hair . . . that intensity . . . that leather vest.  I was hooked.

Looking back, listening to this band was how I first experienced my clairaudience.  It’s wasn’t all about being the ghost whisperer, although that is a cool part of psychic hearing.  In reality, the gift of psychic hearing or clairaudience is quite subtle.  Lots of people are clairaudent but they just don’t know it.  Does music literally move you?  Do you sometimes talk to yourself?  Do you get signs through music?  Are you a good listener who gives great advice?  You’re probably clairaudent.

Clairaudience literally means clear hearing.  The key to developing clear hearing is to just listen.  When I was hearing the separate instruments in the band, I was actually practicing my clairaudience skills.  Thanks U2.  Try listening carefully to the sounds around you for 5-10 minutes a day.  The throat chakra is in charge of clairaudience, so meditating on this chakra is a great way to further develop this gift.  I purchase Anna Thompson’s meditations  on Amazon for only 99 cents!  She has a meditation that is specific for the throat chakra.  There are free meditations on Youtube too.

You can also visit an energy healer who can help you if you are feeling blocked in your throat chakra.  Another easy way to develop clairaudience is to simply ask Spirit for messages.  I sometimes do this on long car trips with the radio.  The randomness of the songs helps with the delivery.  I always try to throw out a thank you and a huge grin when a message comes down the pipes.

“It’s not if I believe in love
It’s if love believes in me

Oh, believe in me ”  –U2, Moment of Surrender



4 thoughts on “How I Discovered My Clairaudience

  1. Sarah says:

    You love who you love… If it happens to be a band that's cool 🙂

    On a related note I was walking at lunch yesterday, listening to the radio like I do, and I heard 'beautiful day'. In my head as I walked I said to myself ' you are totally right bono, it IS a beautiful day. Then I smiled and kept walking.
    I didn't let it slip away.

    This is may be the only time I'll say this, but thanks Bono,



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