5 Things To Like This Week

pablo (1)

1.  Iced Tea.  You know you love it and so do I!  I can drink this stuff like it is going out of style.  I can’t wait to grow some mint so I can add it to my drink too!  I am itching to get out in that herb garden this summer!

2.  Pinterest.  I almost forgot about Pinterest for awhile there, but I have a giant board collection and tons of ideas and pins!  Come join me there for some good ol’ pinning fun!  I have boards all about food, tarot, magic, clothes, nails, hair, and power animals.  Rrrrawwr!

3.  No Phones in the Bedroom.  I made a small change and it made a huge difference.  Now I am reading more, smooching more, and sleeping more.  I would highly recommend this, plus you can make yourself a cool designated charging station.  Mine is just on top of my microwave.  That place was just collecting dust anyway.

4.  Fresh Dill.  I add this to my salad mix and it instantly adds flavor!  Most supermarkets sell fresh dill in the produce aisle.  I digress . . . can’t wait for my herb garden!

5.  Crystal Kit (set of 4).  I’ve put together a little four-piece crystal starter kit in the shop this month.  I also added a cool drawstring silk sari batik print bag to hold your new crystals in too.  It is so pretty!  The crystals included are clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, and black tourmaline.  These are all crystals I use on the daily and now, you can too!  Check it out HERE.



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  1. Once upon a time we had a place to get tea and little sandwiches. They also served the best peach iced tea with mint. Now I’m feeling inspired to get planting, too. I’m really loving that crystal kit and all the magical treasures in your shop! 🙂


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