5 Things To Like This Week


1.  Daffodils:  They’re yellow.  They’re cheery.  They ARE Spring!  I love it when I start seeing these flower pop up.  It means Winter is on its way out!

2.  Mamba Candy:  I do not like cherry flavored anything.  I like Mamba Candy because they don’t have cherry flavors like starburst.  They are still chewy and delicious.  Plus, you still get to unwrap each one like a mini present.  Terribly wasteful, but  . . . gotta have fun sometimes.

3.  Jason Isbell “Something More Than Free:  Seriously Jason Isbell has been compared to Dylan.  I think he’s better.  His songwriting is poetry.  I do like his previous album “Southeastern” a little better, but Isbell still kills it with this one.  It’s worth a listen.  The dude won two Grammys this year.  I’m including “24 Frames” in this blog entry.  This song won the Grammy for “Best American Roots Song”.  Not to mention the fact that I keep playing it on repeat this week.  Good stuff.

4.  Indoor Seed Starters:  I am getting ready for my herb garden!  I’m growing white sage I got from California this year instead of just regular kitchen sage.  I plan on bundling and drying this homegrown stuff for sage bundles for the shop this year.  So excited!

5.  Dream Journal:  This week I had a dream that I was a mermaid following a manatee around in the ocean.  Ya.  So there’s that.  It’s a good thing I had my dream journal handy so I could write that one down.  You can grab a dream journal of your own at my online shop, you know, so you can record your dreams of being a mermaid and stuff.



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