How To Spot Unprofessional Psychic Mediums

pablo (12)I don’t have a problem with ALL psychic mediums.  I do have a HUGE problem with unprofessional psychics, psychic mediums, mediums, card readers, intuitive readers and so on.  Ugh.  You get the idea.  It’s not a perfect world and not everyone has the best intentions.  I guess, you will find this in any profession.

Be wary of psychics who contact you through social media. They are business people just like auto-salesmen, realtors, or any other person working in sales.  It makes the exchange appear more personal and obligatory than it is.  It also DOESN’T MATTER who your mutual friends are.  Do your own research and contact them first if you are interested in their services.  Also, keep in mind that the psychic medium is not your new friend, your soul sisters/brothers, or a unique snowflake with supernatural powers (seriously). They are networking with you and possibly COLD READING you.

Make sure that you’re exchanging money for a SERVICE that feels comfortable to you–not just a chat in a coffee shop on a Tuesday night.  Even when you sit for an intuitive reading, you should feel as though you can take something from it and you should have an appointment.  Also, office or no office, they need to provide a service.  Intuitive readings are a tiny, tiny bit like therapy with more “intuitive sensing” from the reader plus your own belief in the process. (Psychics sometimes use the term “intuitive” to describe themselves because of the social stigma that comes along with the P-word.)  Intuitive readings can be very helpful.  Just make sure your reader is professional and doesn’t talk the majority of the time about their own problems.  There should be a balance to the exchange.

If you’re seeing a medium about a passed away loved one, make sure you are getting some specific information.  Ask questions!  BE A SKEPTIC (even if your’re not!). They don’t have to prove their abilities, but you should feel like you are on the same page. Ask how you can learn to better communicate with your loved ones in Spirit! Ask them how they do it because YOU can do it too!  This information is available to you for FREE on the internet, on blogs, in discussion groups, at your local library, at low-cost workshops online and in some communities through metaphysical centers.  Don’t pay someone to do the legwork of your spiritual journey for you.  The legwork is the best part!

I’m going to tell you a little secret: The best psychic mediums I’ve encountered didn’t really advertise that much that they were psychic mediums and they DID NOT seek me out personally on social media or at all–it just happened when it happened.  That’s truly part of the magic.

I know you are excited, but always remember that you possess every intuitive ability to communicate with loved ones in spirit–just like the medium you just found (or who found you *sigh*)–it just takes a little work, tons of love, a pinch of belief, humor, friends, and legions of angels, your spirit guides and light.


Here’s another great article:  Differences Between Genuine and Fraud Psychics

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