I Communicate With Dead People And So Can You

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Let’s talk a little about earthbounds, shall we? Earthbounds are basically ghosts that, for whatever reason, have not crossed over and are hanging out on our plane of existence. There are a variety of reasons why they stick around–most are confused or are staying to deal with unfinished business.

Whether you believe in these spirits or not is really none of my business.  What is my business is helping you if you do believe.  The most important thing I must tell you about earthbounds is:  They are nothing to be afraid of.  In fact, they are just kinda annoying and they might even be hanging around to help you out, but that doesn’t mean they get to be around whenever they want.

Always remember that YOU are in control of your energy field. It is your house, your apartment, your car, your workplace, and your space. NEVER let anyone push you around–spirit or not. There are spiritual laws and spiritual guides out there. Always invoke the help of Archangel Michael, your higher power, guardian angels, spirit guides, and animal guides.  You can tell earthbounds to leave and never come back.  You can also set visiting hours (you can do this with crossed over spirits too).

Lately, I’ve had this spirit visit me just as I am about to fall asleep. I get the feeling this is an ancestor spirit (like a grandmother) tucking me in. (I know it is neither of my cats because I turn on the light and they are both dead asleep.) I will be just about to fall asleep and I will feel something press on my hip. One time it brushed my cheek. I can also tell someone else is near when my heart starts racing for no reason. It is a little freaky but mostly it is totally ANNOYING. Grandma or not, they are not supposed to be touching me, period.

Here’s what I do to get rid of this spirit. I say very firmly, “Get out of this room. Get out of this house. You are not supposed to be here right now. And you know it.” (Like, why can’t you stop by when I’m listening to tunes and cooking dinner. You just gotta be creepy and stop by at 10pm?! Get it together.) If they don’t get the hint, I say it again and spray some sage spray and then I pull out the big guns: I pray. I ask my angels for some help. THAT always does the trick. Gone.

Another example, was one spirit would bother me at the most random times and places (e.g. AT WORK). I finally had to set up actual times when interruptions were appropriate. I even asked that particular spirit to leave me alone while I was vacationing with my family. I assured this spirit that I would listen again on a specific day at a specific time when I returned. Guess what? The rules applied. I was left alone during my entire vacation and the spirit showed up again afterwards, right on time.

We’re not dealing with dramatic Hollywood poltergeists here.

I can’t stress enough that earthbounds are only scary if you allow them to be. When they are moving shit around, making noise, messing with electronics, or even manifesting themselves, they are actually using YOUR emotional energy to get your attention.  Which isn’t necessarily bad. I just find it a bit annoying. For the most part, they are akin to confused, upset humans. Treat them that way. Be kind, but be firm with your boundaries. Explain to them exactly what is going on and always remind them that they are not stuck here and have the choice to cross over. (I always direct them to the nearest funeral home. There will be an opportunity to cross over during the next funeral.)

I’m just sensitive to spirit energy, human energy as well as earth and solar energy. I sense those in spirit through clairsentience and I sometimes receive information clairaudiently.  I am not a unique snowflake. Everyone can do this. We all possess these gifts.  Just stay open-minded and look for signs of your crossed over loved ones in your daily life.  Talk to them as much as you want. You’re not crazy! They hear you.  Be still.   Put your electronic devices down.  Listen.  They are there and they will answer you in their own way (see signs).  You do not need someone else to validate this (unless you want to).  I promise! You don’t have to believe everything I tell you–research the things you’re interested in!  This IS NOT my own personal unique training, course, or knowledge.

Because everyone can communicate with their loved ones in spirit, I’m less interested in connecting you with a deceased relative, and much more interested in helping you find mindful resolution in your current life.

That’s where my Tarot readings come in. Reading tarot is the skill of the intuitive knowledge of the cards linked with the energy of the person getting the reading. I am also more than happy to help you get started reading cards yourself.  Think of Tarot as a gentle guide that helps clearly channel your questions, longings, clear blocks and problems.

I read Tarot to assist the living and I encourage you to research and communicate with the spirit world yourself!


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