In The Name of Love


I was just thinking about the one quality that I love in people.  It’s a quality that can’t be faked.  It’s not a sense of humor.  That can be disguised by sarcasm.  It’s not a pretty face.  That can be photoshopped.  It’s not in the eyes–not everyone will look at you.  It’s not loyalty either.  Loyalty can be manipulated quite easily.  It’s also impossible to determine from social media, text messages, e-mails, or even phone conversations.  It’s just one of those qualities you have to witness in person.

{{That’s part of the magic.}}

So, what do I look for in a quality friend, lover, co-worker, or family member?

Unwavering, unshakable, day-to-day INTEGRITY.

That’s it.  Integrity can’t be faked.  It really can’t.  It’s a brightly resonating soul emotion.  It’s one thing to say you tip well, to say you never lie, or to brag about the good you do, but it’s quite another to LIVE that way.  People do pick up on that authenticity or lack-there-of.  Integrity entails empathy, love, and striving to do the right thing.  You’ll feel it too–at the intuitive level.

Why is integrity so important to me?  Because you can always trust someone who lives with integrity.  You can trust them with your weirdness (I don’t eat cherry flavored things. Okay?), your joys (KITTENS!), and your heart (hard to get).  People with integrity don’t lie, cheat, steal, or hurt intentionally.

Speaking of integrity, one of my favorite holidays is coming up soon.  We celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life on Monday, January 18th.

{His birthday is today.  Happy birthday, Dr. King!}

This man’s entire life’s mission embodied integrity and love.  What a cool guy, right?  That Coretta was a lucky gal.  But you gotta remember too:  “That behind every great man. . . is a pretty rad lady.”  Just sayin’.

May Dr. King’s life remind you to live with integrity every day, no matter what you do for a living, or where you are on this beautiful planet.

Live.  Live well and with integrity, my lovelies.

Drink tea while you’re at it.



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