5 Things To Like This Week

pablo (1)

1.  Hot Dudes With Kittens on Instagram.  I may have had a slight freak-out when I stumbled upon this, just sayin’.

2.  Mint Lip Balm.  If I had one lip balm to take with me on a desert island, where my lips would definitely be chapped all to hell, it would be Softlips Double Mint chapstick.  Take it on the slopes, or to the beach and then give someone a big minty smooch.  Share the mint.  Share the love.

3.  The Revenant.  It’s all about revenge and that damn bear attack.  I went because TOM HARDY cancels out any nightmare I might have about that dang bear attack.  Anyway, all I can say is this movie was a 3-hour panic attack (way worse than the time I saw “Finding Nemo” in the theater).  It’s only on my list because of, you guessed it, Tom Hardy.  His performance was the stand out in my humble opinion (crush aside).

4.  Maron.  Seriously.  Laughing my ass off.  He is just so damn endearing in a middle-aged train-wreck kinda way.  I love him.  I’ve listened to his podcast, and although good in its own right, his IFC show (that I watch on Netflix) really does it for me.

5.  Everyone Who Helped Bella (and me) This Summer.  I was just purging my old email and I came across all the people who donated to my “Go Fund Me” this past Summer when Bella was shot.  I was overwhelmed again with gratitude for all my friends and family.  Thank you again, Chris, Sarah, Jack, Jeff, Mom, Nora, Linda, Caroline, Bo, Grandma and Grandpa, Kelly @ Hobo’s Healing Heart and everyone who helped me out monetarily and for your support.  I will never forget how you helped save my little Halloween, black cat Bella.



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