You Got This



Not for me.  I’ve been out of college for nearly a decade.

I just work here–at a university library, that is.  Anyway, I manage about 20 work study kids at the Circulation desk and this is what I wrote to them and I thought I would share it because this pretty much applies to stress in general:


Remember to . .

  1. Stay hydrated with the good stuff, not just caffeine. Drink plenty of WATER! Add lemon to make it refreshing.
  2. Focused breathing really helps. A good trick: Inhale and stop half-way. Inhale the rest of the way. Stop. Exhale and stop half-way. Exhale the rest of the way. Inhale deep. Exhale deep. Repeat.
  3. Get enough sleep. For reals. I know it is hard and it seems impossible during finals, but your brain and body needs rest! I can almost guarantee you a few grade points higher if you get enough sleep.
  4. Eat good stuff. It’s a no-brainer, but eating good food fuels your body and your brain. This doesn’t mean you can’t have pizza, just make sure you are eating fruits and veggies too. Balance is key.
  5. MOVE. Listen to good tunes, go out for a 10-minute walk, go to the gym, or . . .dance in your room. Sing in the shower. Turn the music up and get your stress out!


Love ya!


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