World Peace: One Bath At A Time

pablo (3)
You’ve been watching the news lately, right?  Negativity is at an all-time high right now.  It’s in our Facebook newsfeed, on Twitter, at work, school, even in our living rooms.

Try not to get too wrapped up in it.  Kay?

We must keep our spirits high in order to raise the consciousness of this planet as a whole.  I believe this raise in consciousness is happening now.  It starts with you, with me, with your children.  It starts here.  It starts now.  We don’t raise consciousness by ignoring world problems or fighting about them.  We RAISE UP by raising others and by being the change we want to see–that Gandhi was on to something.  We must embody this change by focusing on the positive; acknowledging the atrocities and the injustice and feeling empathy, sympathy and sadness, but keeping our hearts lifted.  Just try not to get stuck in the anger, the frustration, and the hypocrisy that mainstream media and, yes, even some in people are displaying right now.

When the negativity gets heavy, try and get to water.  What’s the easiest source of water for most people?  The bathtub, right?  It seems so simple and it is!  Try adding some detoxing Epsom salt instead of bubble bath.  The key to Epsom salt is the magnesium sulfate because it is absorbed directly into the body through your skin preventing crap like hypertension and even diabetes.  Science?  Magic?  You decide.  Stop by your local drugstore and grab a $4 bag of Epsom salt and try for yourself!  It’s really that easy.  I also make a handmade blend of lavender bath salt and BATH BOMBS if you are interested in purchasing some from my Etsy shop.

So, unplug for a bit.  “Turn off all electronic devices and put your tray tables in their upright and locked positions.”  Self-care is one of the most important things you can do for yourself to stay healthy, mind, body and {soul} during our time on this beautiful planet full of magic, light, and, yes, even negativity.

RISE UP!  (Just maybe not in the bathtub.  Stay seated until the captain turns on the overhead . . . oh, you get it.)


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