Tree Hugging

Reach out and touch one.  Giggle at yourself when you do.  It’s okay.

Let me tell you a secret?  I adore trees.  I’m obsessed.  I like to take daily walks or jogs and if I see an old, sturdy tree, I am uncontrollably compelled to touch it.  I’m not sure if it is the tree that is calling out to me or if I just need to get some good grounding in at that moment, but I gotta touch it.

It can’t be that weird to do this, right?  It’s even been scientifically proven that hugging trees is good for your health!  I may look a little nutty, but you know what?  WHO CARES?!

I love trees.  Big, old, sturdy, oak, maple, aspen, birch, even fir trees if they will allow me to place a palm through their spikey little quills.  It doesn’t matter.  I gotta get my hands on ’em or my arms around ’em.

I hug trees.  Tightly.  Daily.  Making sure I thank them for their time with you!

So, the next time you are outside, try touching or hugging a tree.  It’s easy!  Just take a deep breath and reach out and put your palm against the sturdy trunk, or you can embrace that big, old tree and put your cheek against the cool, rough bark.  Then, after you are finished, just thank the tree for sharing it’s lovely time with you!


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