When I Sage My House & Why

I use sage smoke to clear any negative energy from my person and my space before reading tarot cards, after a bunch of people have been to my house, if my house has been empty for a couple of days, for thrift store and antique finds, or after I’ve done a good physical cleaning.

The sage usually comes bundled in wands and you simply light the non-stem end and wait for the flame to burn.  Once the sage starts smoking, you walk around the area and let the smoke waft over openings such as windows or doors.  Your intention is simply removing negate energy from the space.  I use my hand for this, some people like to use a feather.  It is important to have a ceramic or shell dish to hold your sage to catch the ash.  I like to place my sage wand on the ceramic dish and let the smoke die out on it’s own.  I’ve heard it said, that the longer the sage smokes, the more negative energy it cleared.

The ritual of burning herbs comes from many ancient traditions.  Sage is gathered from the earth with great care, bundled tightly and hung to dry.  I am fortunate to live in a location that has a lot of natural sage and if I happen upon some on a hike or walk, I will pick a little to bundle.  It is important to show gratitude for this harvest.

I also grow sage in my garden every summer.  This sage is a little different and has broader leaves than the plains sagebrush of South Dakota, or white sage that is commonly sold in metaphysical shops.  I like to burn my homegrown sage because it has a nice, deep earthy smell.  Also, the bundles I make are smaller than typical sage bundles.  The size is perfect for one-room or small space cleansing.

I sell small quantities of my homegrown sage and white sage bundles over in my Etsy store.  If you’ve been looking for a unique sage bundle, these are the perfect addition to your tools!


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