Are You Afraid of Tarot?

pablo (8)

Are you afraid of tarot cards? Do you think they are of the occult? Are you scared that they will tell you something you don’t want to hear–like a loved one’s death or that you are going to die?

The cards just don’t work like that.

Tarot cards are like any other card used for divination. And yes, some religions are against divination. I guess Tarot just isn’t for them and that’s fine. Anyway, you ask a question or state a concern, and Spirit guides the Tarot reader, who guides the cards. Angel cards, meditation cards, oracle cards, runes, even tea leaf readings all do the same thing; they offer what I like to call, “creative guidance”. In fact, people have even used regular playing cards for divination purposes.

I like to keep my vibration high so that I can channel clearly. If something negative comes up in a reading, it is intended as a lesson for the person, not as a message of impending doom. How else do we grow in our journey if everything is rainbows and butterflies all the time?

Tarot showed up in my life for a reason and it isn’t to scare people or to play a gypsy with a crystal ball. I read tarot from a place of unconditional love to help, to heal, to guide, and to inspire.



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