Black Onyx: The Protection Crystal

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One of my favorite stones is black onyx.  I wear it almost every day.  It is a powerful stone associated with protection, healing, and grounding.  Wear onyx to help with bad habits, emotional regulation, and dealing with negativity—yours and from others.  It’s a lot like black tourmaline in that it absorbs negative energy.  However, unlike black tourmaline which turns negative into positive energy, onyx holds and deflects the negative energy.

It’s fantastic at repelling psychic attack, negative people and emotions.  It’s also a great helper for dealing with past issues and grief.  Even if you don’t believe in any of this metaphysical stuff, or you just inherited a nice chunk of onyx, it still helps to know that you’re wearing a stone that’s got your back.

Now that you know what onyx does, let’s talk about how to use it.  This is what I do with mine.  I have a circular pendant that is about 2″ in diameter.  It hangs from a 24″ silver chain.  I love the length of this piece because I can wear it outside of my clothing as a statement piece or tuck it under near my heart chakra and layer it with other necklaces.  I also have an antique onyx ring that I pair with another neutral lemon quartz ring.  I chose the rings because the backs were open so that the stones touch my skin, but this is just my preference.  You certainly don’t have to put your crystals out on display or on your skin.  Onyx works the same in the pocket as well.

To charge your onyx put it on your windowsill or outside under the full moon once a month.  If you have access to a stream, wash it under a natural running water source.  You can also bury onyx in some good soil overnight to recharge it.  Don’t freak out if you don’t charge your crystals every month.  Sometimes life happens.  There is no right or wrong way.  Charge your crystals when it feels right to you.

I find that I am more centered and self-assured when I wear my onyx pieces, and if that’s what it takes to help me out, I’ll carry a few rocks around with me.


Please Note:  Crystals are not a medical treatment and should not be used as a replacement for medical care. Please consult your healthcare specialist for your particular needs.

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