The Spiritual Meaning Behind Finding a Feather


The feather is sacred in so many cultures.  Native Americans see the feather as sacred, “The feather symbolizes trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, freedom and many more things (source).”  In ancient Egypt, the soul was weighed on the scales of life against the feather of truth, or Ma’at. If the deceased lead a good life, the scales would balance.  If not, the god Ammut devoured the heavy heart on the scales.  Freak-ay.  

Feathers are also a symbol from the spiritual world.  There are a ton of meanings behind finding a feather, like . . . the type of bird, the color of the feather, which side you found the feather on, your left or your right.  Geeze, that’s a lot to remember, so I just keep it simple.  

I see a feather,  I am reminded that I am not alone.  My angels and loved ones are with me.  

I may pick it up, or not.  But I always smile.

I even found a feather when I was standing in the falls of my favorite waterfall this summer!  Talk about an amazing experience!

I was inspired to create a feather necklace.  It’s available for purchase in my online shop MysticTeaTrinkets.  Now you can carry a feather with you all the time or give it to someone special.


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