Do You Have A Desk Job?


I sit most of the day at my full-time library job.  Here are three ways to get you out of the office-sit-all-day rut:

1.  Exercise.  Get moving.  Walk, run, walk the dog, or do yoga.  Try anything that gets your heart pumping.  Just 20 minutes a day helps.  Make an upbeat playlist to get you motivated.

2.  Meditation.  Start small.  Relax into it.  Just be still.  5-10 minutes is really all you need.  Here is a good article from the website MindBodyGreen by Meditation instructor Light Watkins titled “Insider Tips To Make Meditation Easier“.

3.  Spend Time In Nature.  So easy!  Walk outside, trail run, or ride your bike by a stream.  Read a book on a blanket.  Take a nap in a hammock outside.  Go to a waterfall!  Nature is the best healer!

These are just three things you can do to get your energy moving and counteract sitting at a desk all day!  Oh ya, drink water too.  That will get you up and out of your chair A LOT–you know, to go to the bathroom!  Anyway, you can Move, Meditate, and spend some time in Mother Nature!


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