20 Ways To Ground Your Energy

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Here’s what I do to get nice and grounded.  You can do them too!!

  1. Take a nice, warm Epsom salt and rosemary oil bath.
  2. Drink tea and eat cookies.
  3. Listen to music really loud and dance around my house.
  4. Do the dishes and sing really loud to music.
  5. Hang out with children and laugh and laugh and laugh.
  6. Play with animals.
  7. Read a good book or magazine.
  8. Walking barefoot.
  9. Bask in a little sunlight.
  10. Go for a walk or run outdoors.
  11. Drive to nature and watch a waterfall.
  12. Listen to a good live band.
  13. Dance to a good live band.
  14. Talking to my best friend on the phone.
  15. 5 minute meditation.
  16. Eating ice cream or sorbet.
  17. Talking to someone about how they met the love of their life.
  18. Creating art, jewelry, or writing.
  19. Praying, praising, being thankful.
  20. Dark chocolate.


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