You Have A Choice

pablo-2When it comes to buying diamonds, you have a choice.  In fact, if you choose not to buy them at all you will be helping fight terrorism, genocide, and war.

Seriously.  Don’t buy diamonds.

Here’s why:

  •  “A diamond is worthless if someone had to die to get it.”
  • “Diamonds are forever” is an “idea” that has been marketed to you for the last 100 years at the cost of thousands of brutal amputations and innocent lives.
  • “Diamonds are so portable that no system of certificates will ever be able to answer, for certain, whether or not the diamonds in an engagement ring came from perfectly legitimate sources in South Africa or from under the tongue of a rebel called Colonel Poison.”
  • There are links to diamonds funding the terrorists who attacked the United States on 9/11. Think about it: Highly portable, untraceable, and easily liquidated. Fight terrorism. Don’t buy diamonds.
  • Always ask your jeweler if the diamond you are purchasing is guaranteed conflict-free (not just if they are following the Kimberly Process). The company Brilliant Earth, is a great source for guaranteed conflict free diamonds from Canada.

It’s time we took a hard look at this manufactured, materialistic symbol of love. It is time we start looking at diamonds as blood and not bling.



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