Fairies & 5-Year-Olds

pablo (2)

When my nephew was five.  He was very inquisitive and asked me a lot of questions.  Most of the time, when I didn’t know the answer for something, or the answer was a little too grown-up for him, I’d just make up a story.

For example, that summer, at my sister’s wedding, there were some mushrooms growing in the grass.  He started stomping on them.  He was wearing nice wedding shoes, so I told him the obvious: that fairies live in mushrooms! Stomping on them meant they would have to move.  Also, what if they were in there?!  He was completely shocked at first.  I told him I was pretty sure the fairies were at the grocery store.

But, he quit stomping on the mushrooms.

{Saving one fairy community at a time.}


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