Glare Face



Setting:  My sister’s house–the bedroom and hallway.

Me:  [Walking past my sister’s bedroom.  She glares at me.]  What’s wrong with you?
Sister:  [She smiles and her glare disappears.]  Nothing.
Me:  Why were you just glaring at me then?
Sister:  I wasn’t.  I just have a “glare face”.
Me:  A what?!
Sister:  A “glare face”.
Me:  When did you start doing that?
Sister:  I don’t know.  I was just born with it.

You know how some people are born with dark hair and blue eyes?  I guess my sister got a “glare face”.


PS: I’ve since shaved the beard.


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  1. My mom says your sis will be working at her school. My ole' Alma Mater. 🙂 I am jealous you live in Spearfish. I'd love to…..especially now that you're there. I'll start petitioning Matt. 🙂


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