Doing Something And Nothing

Sometimes it’s OK to do NOTHING, like relaxing and watching/singing along/reciting every word to “Beauty and the Beast” instead of cleaning or doing laundry on your day off.  

 “We can sing!  We can dance!  After all Miss, this is France!!!”

(I’m sure my neighbors appreciated this.)

Flat tires just happen–even when you’ve done nothing to deserve them.  Remember:  Do not freak out.  Flipping off your car is not “freaking out” and is actually warranted in these situations.  In fact, do it twice, then call Triple A (or your brother).

And then there are times when you just have to do SOMETHING.  I am a blog activist! Sorry if it seems like preaching but still: PLEASE don’t buy diamonds.

Finally, letting things go is good.  It’s the epitome of doing something and nothing at the same time.   

3 thoughts on “Doing Something And Nothing

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  1. Oh my gosh…thank you so much for telling people NOT to buy diamonds. My mom and I are strong believers in not buying diamonds (like we could even afford them). After seeing the movie “Blood Diamond” and learning more about what goes on, I'm sorry…but I don't care how big the bling…it's not worth a human life and will never touch my finger.

    Love your blog and thank you so much for your sweet comment on mine 🙂 Look forward to reading much more from you!!!!


  2. EQ: Glad to hear you are chillaxin' chica! Everyone needs a day to do nothing and something at the same time!

    Nicole: I am so glad to appreciate the no diamonds “preaching”! Can't wait to read more from you too!!


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