License to Drive

I failed to renew my drivers license and the state of Montana now requires me to apply for a “first time” license.  This means I have to take the written AND the driving tests again.  You know, the one you took when YOU TURNED 15!

Anyway, I get to the DL place with 4 forms of ID handy–my expired license, my freeking birth certificate, a piece of mail, and my checkbook.  Seriously!  I sit down in front of the lady and say, “I’m in trouble.”  She looks at me over her glasses, puts her hand out, and says, “How expired is it?”  I reply, “About eight months.”  “You have to take the written test today.  Hope you studied.”

I sit down at the computer next to this 15 year old emo kid, who was obviously having some trouble as every five seconds of the test he let out a sigh and banged his forehead with the heel of his hand.  Awesome.  The test consisted of 33 “trick” questions of which you could only miss six.  I missed five . . . but I passed.  When the test results popped up on the screen I was totally psyched.  I did my best Napoleon Dynamite “Yessssss”, but no one in the silent room seemed that amused–emo kid especially.

So I went back to “glasses” and she pulled up my results, printed out my receipt and handed me my brand new LEARNERS PERMIT. I now have a learners permit until I go in next week and take my actual driving test.  This means (technically) I have to drive with a licensed driver at all times.

Hey!  Who wants to go for a ride?


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