Reading for Fun

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I read books . . .a lot.

I have a degree in reading books . . . literally.  I graduated with a bachelors in English Literature.  I get a little frustrated when people are embarrassed of what they read because they think that they have to read “the classics” to be well-read.

Having a classical literature base is important if you plan to do literary criticism, write literary theory, teach literature, or if you like to sound smart at cocktail parties.  I say, read what you like.  Read what moves you–whether it’s Wuthering Heights or Bridget Jones’ Diary.

Dude, I had to read the classics and most of them were long, boring and written about 200 years ago by some guy who was angry at his dad or some spinster who was scared to leave her house.  So, I totally understand not being able to relate to the language, customs, or the characters in them.

Seriously, who reads Tolstoy or James Joyce for fun? Not me.

So what kind of books do I read?  The answer is simple:  I read all kinds of books.  Non-Fiction, Fiction, Biography, Metaphysical, Spiritual and even “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”.

Life’s too short. Just read what makes you happy.


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  1. OMG you are the best! I have this list of classics that I have been trying to read. I am on the 1st one…Wuthering Heights. I've been reading it for….over a year! I just CANNOT get through it. Stab me in the eye, it's so hard to read.

    I get the reading bug in spurts. Like with the twilight series, i was on those books like a crack addict. And those books are nothing to gawk at, they're 700+ pages! But then I'll go through long dry spells.


  2. Yo EQ! Wuthering Heights IS hard to get into. If you would like a more modern version of this classic, try “Here on Earth” by Alice Hoffman. Hoffman also wrote the book “Practical Magic” which was later a movie by the same name–both are good books!

    Read on!!!! Nik


  3. Ick, I hated Wuthering Heights! It took sooooooo long to read, and I don't even know what happened. 😦

    Right now, I'm reading Eat Pray Love (mainly because the movie came out.) and it is fabulous! Next up, Nicholas Sparks, “The Last Song”.

    I really don't like telling people what I'm reading… always seems like they're going to judge my reading choices. Well, they just need to backkkk off 😛


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