Like A Virgin


So this weekend I was talking to an acquaintance and we were discussing (of all things) this person’s virginity. Yup. That was our topic of conversation. I was giving this person shit about getting laid and this person (as he always does) brought up the topic of his untarnished “reputation”. Of which, I scoffed a bit . . . what is life without a couple regrets and I wasn’t even referring to the sexual kind . . .and the funny thing was, neither was he. (Lovely.)

Would you live your life without any regrets?

Back to that guy . . . I think I even said (my favorite professor quote) “We are not inspired by those who have but a few feet to fall.” What I meant by that was, we are not most inspired by those who lead perfect lives, who risk nothing, and go through life without one regret. We are also not inspired by people who live seemingly perfect lives but judge others for their actions or the mistakes they make. Not cool, man.

I have made many mistakes and I have several regrets. I am glad I do. I appreciate them. I’ve learned a lot from them. Yes, there are things I would like to do over again like not eating that second doughnut (God, I love doughnuts) or sleeping with a guy wearing a shark tooth necklace (wtf?). Like I said, I’ve had my fair share of life lessons.

Then there are the things I’ve never regretted like, saying I’m sorry or . . . I love you. Watching all four seasons of “Supernatural” and all three seasons of “The Tudors”. Thank you, Henry Cavill and Jensen Ackles for being the best eye candy a girl could ever, ever, ever dream of. Moving two states. Hugging a loved one. You get the idea.

So yes, I was annoyed with our conversation that night, but I got to thinking about it and I really don’t care about having an untarnished reputation. I don’t want to live a perfect life. I want to live well and love well. I’ll probably have a couple more regrets when I die and guess what? I like it that way . . .

Perhaps that’s the how we know we’ve truly lived?


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