Confidence Is Key

pablo (13)So, my friend asked me the other night, “What am I doing wrong when I meet girls?” I said:

Attraction is tricky . . . but confidence is key.

Confidence is, “Hey, this is who I am. I’m interested in who you are.” Confidence is not, “You’re cool, but I’m amazing (as I check myself out in the mirror behind you).”  Confidence is, “Wow, you look really nice tonight.” Confidence is, “I’m nervous as hell, but I’m going to face this fear and talk to you anyway, because you’re worth it.” Confidence is not, “I will avoid this person and then get pissed because they don’t call me, text me, or have the psychic ability to know that I have feelings for them because I am too scared to put myself out there–

{{ ’cause I could get hurt and that would suck.” }}

Confidence is, “Believing that you are worthy of having love in your life and just because love hasn’t shown up yet, you aren’t doing anything wrong. It is OK to have feelings. Feeling stuff is okay! You are human. You feel stuff–so stop fighting it.”

Life is too short to depend on other people for confidence, acceptance, sympathy, happiness, love, etc. It’s gotta start within you.

So, “love hard” and live confidently without fear.


3 thoughts on “Confidence Is Key

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  1. so… I was reading this entry and in my head I was saying.. uh huh… yup.. you are totally right. Then the end of the last paragraph, and I couldn't contain my laughter. I actually started laughing and couldn't stop for about 10 seconds.
    oh jokes… they're hilarious =)
    happy tuesday


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