5 Things To Like This Week

Water Flavors. Like Crystal Light and Mio. I cannot drink plain water. In order to get my water in for the day, I flavor it with different water flavors. Probably not the best thing for me . . . but it's what I gotta do. XO, MaCenna YouTube Channel. I absolutely love her thrift store... Continue Reading →

5 Things To Like This Week

Natural Vitality CALM Magnesium Supplement. I add this to my last cup of tea at night. I make myself a cup of Celestial Seasoning's "Lemon Zinger" and "True Blueberry" tea at night because the supplement has a raspberry lemonade sour taste. It works perfectly to help me get ready for bed. Audible. I am loving... Continue Reading →

5 Things To Like This Week

Dove Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter & Guinness. I've found my favorite chocolate from Dove! The dark chocolate and peanut butter promises go really good with a Guinness. I don't drink a lot, but I really like this combo. Megaladon & just Sharks. I've been watching a lot of shark videos on youtube lately. I... Continue Reading →

Boba Tea Recipe

This is how I prepare Boba tea at home. I make a large batch to last me the week. I purchase my boba, Pantai Thai Tea Powder, and jumbo straws as a kit from Amazon. I will link everything at the end of the blog entry. First boil 10 cups of water per every 1... Continue Reading →

Overnight Oats Recipe

I make these overnight oats on Sunday nights and I fill them with soy or almond milk the night before I take them to work. I usually make as many oat servings as I have mason jars (14). Sometimes I don't have much prep time, but I always make enough for the week. Here's what... Continue Reading →

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